Vol. VI-The Sun Rises in your Tummy and other Christmas Illuminations

about this release

A radiating gateway though not necessarily the obfuscating shine following the sprawling bleak tone poem of Volume IV - The Invading Past and Other Dissolutions, but an assumed labour of love notwithstanding.

Volume VI - The Sun Rises in your Tummy & Other Christmas Illuminations is a circle engulfing light & shadow in a recurrent orbit of simultaneous capture & release. Blues ghosts bounded to an eternal present, its existence plugged into electricity, no beggining no end. No longer the darkness of the invading past but the solar luxuriance of a speculative now. Wandering. In Jeffrey Alexander's “Come Wander” Felizardo's voice brings an alluring gravitas to the drowsy proceedings, a veil of sexual energy that cloaks Your Tits from its fingerpicked harmony to the grinding halt of amplifier saturation. Take this as an offer from Felizardo, beautifully captured in the harmonic transcription of 3 millenia old chinese poem "Mugua", with all that comes with it.

Text by Bruno Silva (Ondness, Sei Miguel Band)

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A1. Come Wander (13’38)
A2. Mugua (3'51)
A3. I am the Res Erection (2'59)

B1. Your Tits (4’29)


Cover photo by António Júlio Duarte.
Produced by Cristiano Nunes.

Mastered by Julien Grandjean at Jetlag.