about this release

Nowruz refers to the Iranian New Year that happens every year on march 21st. It is a Persian compound word that we can literaly translate "new day". For Joo Lobo, Nowruz could mean new start. It is his very first solo record after more than 40 albums as sideman or co-leader. The idea of doing a solo record has been growing up in his mind for over 10 years, before he started to play solo shows.

Joo Lobo solo project explores many of the countless sound possibilities of a drumset. The departure point is simple ideas developed in improvisations in the form of songs, using only unamplified acoustic elements without any edits or overdubs. The name of the songs are very personal and some of them pay homages to people he admires. For example Babkou is the Gnawa name that Maalem Hassan Zoghari gave him. Tom and Z are an obvious tribute to Tom Z that influenced him for the song format and Oren refers to Oren Ambarchi for his genius in the sound processing.

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A1. Baha (520)
A2. Tardigrado (842)
A3. Besa (437)
A4. Bakbou (317)

B1. Tom (140)
B2. Z (125)
B3. Oren (433)
B4. Usinam II (529)
B5. Mynah (908)


Joo Lobo drums
All songs by Joo M. Lobo
Recorded by Manolo Cabras at Studio Grez
Mixed by Manolo Cabras at Studio Noyer
Mastered by Julien Grandjean at Jetlag
Artwork by Catarina Lee & Norberto Lobo

Thank you Manuel Hermia, Dan Kinzelman, Ins and Pedro Maga.
For Margarida Vieira Mendes and Pedro Lobo Antunes