about this release

Rust has been completed over a number of years – writing and recording started around the time the previous circle bros album ‘Haven’ came out. It took a full five years to get everything done – it was a very long process of revisiting the songs, and deciding what was the best moment to ‘let them go’.
Some songs were made in the course of one evening, other took months, but most were often reworked during that time – for example: the final song, ‘Balance’, was made in 2011, but took until early 2015 to find the final details that made it sound the way I intended it. (the tapeloops, in case you wondered) Off course this made me end up with way too much material to put on one album – so I narrowed the selection to recordings that were closest to the album I had in mind. After making the final selection, it seemed like there was a sort of recurring theme – pretty much all the tracks had something to do with either looking for rest or finding rest (‘rust’ in dutch).
Rest has many different aspects: one of the songs deals with the subject of burnout (‘insurance policies’), another one is an ode to drunkenly dancing to ’I want to be your dog’ at the end of a long day (‘Detroit’), or looking back and realizing you’ve had a good life (‘Cobblestones’).
At the time of recording, I didn’t realize there was this central theme – and if I would have made a different song selection, it might not have even been clear to myself. But now it seems to be all over the album. It’s not a concept album though. Just an album for people looking for rest.

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A1. Insurance Policies (8’53)
A2. Detroit (4’19)
A3. Bath (2’06)
A4. Cobblestones (4’37)

B1. Breadcrumbs (4’59)
B2. Devastated (2’41)
B3. Ever Onward (2’54)
B4. Balance (4’28)



Rust was recorded in Gent between fall 2010 and winter 2015
Performed, improvised and written by Wim Lecluyse
Mastered by Julien Grandjean

Thanks to Annelies, Chris, Jessica and Gaëtan
This album is dedicated to those in need of rest