Volume IV - The Invading Past and Other Dissolutions

about this release

For our second release with Filipe Felizardo, we made a double LP. I'm not sure we can make a triple for the next one, but for sure, this release could not be a single one. The first time we listened to it, its raw power kept us in suspense for the nearly one hour and a half long, so it was impossible for us to ask Filipe to reduce the lenght of the record. Playing with the contrast of fullness and emptiness of the sound, repetition and sudden rupture, the harshness not only come with the way he plays, but also from his self-customized amplifier.
This record also mark our 30th release, and for Filipe's 30th birthday, it could not be any better.

"This album was thought of and recorded while in residency at Moinho da Fonte Santa, in the deep, silent countryside of southern Portugal, while writing, taking long walks and producing some land-art in the shape of rock paintings. These activities were a very thoughtful and pleasant experience, a drastic counterpoint to the musical material that was composed until then and the new morcels that took shape while recording with unlimited time. This music is excrutiatingly personal, and I tried to convey more than the mere cosmogonies and pataphysics of earlier work. This time I wanted to be poetic and improve my technique. I had one of the most wonderful times in my life, which you may not believe given the tone of this album. That said, I hope you enjoy this music." Filipe Felizardo

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A1 Canção Para O Meu Pai (16'51)
A2 Frog Princess Choir Pt.2 (2'19)
B1 Frog Princess Choir Pt.1 (2'58)
B2 A Conference Of Stones And Things Previous To You And Me (6'20)
B3 Centrifugation At Casal Moinho (12'48)

C1 Your Horrible Memory (5'17)
C2 The Headhache Of Eadweard Muybridge (7'12)
C3 Frog Princess Choir Pt.3 (1'58)
C4 Ain't Gonna Get Outta This Floor No More (6'01)
D1 Lament Of The Frog King (19'25)
D2 Sligo River Blues (2'39)



Guitar By Filipe Felizardo
Recorded and mixed by Cristiano Nunes at Moinha Da Fonte Santa, april 2015
Mastered by Julien Grandjean at Jetlag