Volume II - Sede e Morte

about this release

Let say it clearly, Filipe is one of our favourite guitar player. We love his very personal approach of building his music. Building is the right word here, as his music is so intense that it can be compared to sculpture: rough, soft, massive, ethereal, delicate. He oversteps the contemplative and cinematographic comparison that is regularly used for instrumental music.

With one guitar, he uses the sound to create matter and shape it with melodies. And silence. The moments he plays are equally important as the moments he doesn’t. Perfectly balanced between fragility and assertion, Filipe’s music can not lie, but is life. Sede e Morte pays tribute to great guitar players, with reinterpretation of songs by John Fahey, Peter Green and José Afonso.

The artwork itself is a painting made by Filipe based on an image of the Heidelberg Dance of Death book (1448) and almost a perfect imitation of John Fahey's "Dance of Death" - which uses an image from the same book.

What Filipe has to say about his record

For a while this record would be only side A... A home recording of a small rehearsal that turned out to be 3 covers or versions of things i love. Especially cançao de embalar, that my father used to sing and play to me as a lullaby. In the end, it seemed quite fitting that what envisioned as a protest record, or an homage record, would end up after all having a second side, with the help of guitarist Norberto Lobo, whom I admire and learn a lot from. Our music is different, but sometimes, sometimes, when planets align, our pathos hits the same spot. To end it all,something that was on my head from the beginning: the title is from a track by the Great Carlos Paredes. I feel that all i know is a very fragile aglomeration of all the work of guitarists i love. Records are made of records. So this is my thank you note. It had to be stated, this thirst and death that keeps us playing.

prices & format

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A1 - Oh Well (after Peter Green)
A2 - Canção de Embalar (after José Afonso)
A3 - Sede (after John Fahey)

B1 - Morte (Poor Camel Long Way From Home) featuring Norberto Lobo on slide & guitar



Side A recorded at home, on October 2012
Side B recorded at Cave 211, kindly conceded by David Maranha, with recording equipment kindly lent by André Gonçalves, on November 2013

Mixed By Cristiano Nunes
Mastered by Julien Grandjean at Jetlag

Sede e Morte is the title of a composition by Carlos Paredes

Design by Catarina Lee & the Flizzard, upon an illustration by Filipe Felizardo, based on the Heidelberg Book of Death, 1448

This record is for Tiago Silva and his daughter Alice
In memory of Gilberto Castanheira