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Phantasmes is a 50 minutes experimental movie written and directed by Thomas Pantalacci. “A sensory experience between dream and reality, fantasy and eroticism, awakening and sleep…”

For that purpose, the band Maninkari wrote a two-part - one per side - 39 minutes soundtrack with multiple pieces. The tracks are not marked out because here, even silence is vital. It doesn’t soothe the tensions, but amplifies the feeling of oddness of the music. Dark ambient, syncopated drumming, dissonant chords… Maninkari use all the sonority spectrum, mixing aggressive high-pitched violin with deep and voluptuous bass sounds.

Playing on the thin border between dreaming and awakening, Phantasmes is a mental and physical record; seductive, disturbing and lustful.

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A. Part 1 (19:26)
B. Part 2 (19:45)



Phantasmes - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Maninkari (Frederic & Olivier Charlot)
Film by Thomas Pantalacci
Mastering: Julien Grandjean at Jetlag

Phantasmes - the movie
Scenario and direction : Thomas Pantalacci
Genre : Experimental / Fantastic
Total length : 50 minutes
Format : HDV
Image : 2.35
Synopsis : A solitary and depressed man seems to let life flow in his empty apartment. One day, he notices a beautiful young woman sitting in front of him in a movie theater. He begins to fantasize about her and tries to see her again, but each time, he can’t really see her face. Now living with his desires, he becomes more and more terrified by a strange apparition in his flat. The man will follow the woman who will lead him to a mysterious place from which he won’t get out unscathed. In his apartment, the strange apparitions become more frequent to the point of disturbing his mental health. Sacked from his place, he decides to approach this mysterious woman and face his demons…