Your Victorian Breasts

about this release

Named after an 1988 unreleased, to this date, Supreme Dicks song, 'Your Victorian Breasts' is a collection of 20 otherwise unreleased tracks by the likes of Alastair Galbraith, Black To Comm, A R P, Pigeons, Ignatz, William Tyler, Filipe Felizardo, Hamilton Yarns. It also hosts 3 new collective projects: Mendrugo, which features Josephine Foster joining forces with husband Victor Herrero, José Luis Herrero, José Luis Rico and Takuhiko Nochimoto; Raajmahal, the reunion of Pat Murano (No-Neck Blues Band, Decimus), Carla Baker (Baba Yaga, Flower Orgy) and Santa Wolanczyk (Flower Orgy); and Syracuse Ear, a first-class improv gathering featuring David Maranha, Manuel Mota, Margarida Garcia and Chris Corsano.

The comp's range stretches from demos (Date Palms, Arlt) to soundtracks (Roger Tellier-Craig), archival material shelved for years (Supreme Dicks), cover songs (Bridget St John as revisited by Alvarius B, Daniel Johnston by Circuit des Yeux, and an anonymous Serbian ballad by Eric Chenaux), live takes (Mendrugo, Syracuse Ear) and new studio works (Robert Hampson, Corridors, ...).

'Your Victorian Breasts' was compiled by Maxime Guitton, as the sequel to 'Err on The Good Side', a 10 unreleased track comp released on vinyl in 2009 by three:four records.

'Your Victorian Breasts' was mastered using Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) for the best quality sound reproduction available. It is released on double LP, gatefold sleeve. Artwork by Darryl Norsen. One-time pressing of 650 hand-numbered copies. Includes a download code for a free download of the album.

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A1- A R P : Phase IV (excerpt) (5:42)
A2- Ignatz: Do Not Wake Me (4:00)
A3- Filipe Felizardo: Where the Oyster remains shut; and the Mole pisses at the sun, extinguishing its Light (4:44)
A4- Arlt: Tu m’as encore crevé un cheval (4:21)
A5- William Tyler: A Portrait of Sarah (6:09)

B1- Robert Hampson: Retour à la chaleur (6:55)
B2- Alastair Galbraith: New Heart of Darkness (2:37)
B3- Date Palms: Dust Bowl Theme (demo) (3:03)
B4- Roger Tellier-Craig: Transit (4:10)
B5- Black To Comm: Nord (5:03)

C1- Eric Chenaux: Na Te Mislim (6:35)
C2- Syracuse Ear: Earth of Vitreous (4:11)
C3- Hamilton Yarns: What Comes (5:40)
C4- Corridors: Broken Ellipses (5:06)
C5- Pigeons: Mésanges (3:56)

D1- Alvarius B: Goodbaby Goodbye (2:56)
D2- Circuit des Yeux: Despair Came Knocking (Instrumental) (3:55)
D3- Mendrugo: Estrella Fugaz (3:34)
D4- Raajmahal: My Boy is a Good Child, Sleep (8:44)
D5- Supreme Dicks: 4 Come In (for Gaëlle) (3:07)



Compiled by Maxime Guitton (ali_fib)
Mastering: Julien Grandjean at Jetlag
Artwork: Darryl Norsen

One-time pressing of 650 hand-numbered copies.