Far From Paradise

about this release

From the start, curiosity pushed Thierry Müller and Mushy to book a studio in Rome. Intrigued by the combination of their universe, they spent three days improvising with Luciano Lamanna.
With nine hours of recordings at his disposal, Thierry wrote the Far From Paradise story. Editing was a long and tedious process in order to keep the spontaneity of the sessions. A few re-recordings and instruments were added to the framework (drums, percussions, cello) to finalize the 12 tracks that made it onto Far From Paradise.

The spirit and colour that come out of it lead Thierry Müller to revive the Ruth concept. Dark and wistful atmospheres with a hint of eroticism melt with more electric and spontaneous moments. Even though some tracks could be considered as electropop, cold wave or synthetic krautrock, the consistency lies in the cold tension and minimalism present all through the record.

Far From Paradise is available on LP with insert and download coupon, or in gatefold CD. Bonus tracks from the CD are included in the LP coupon.

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A1. Is Nonsense a Nonsense? (3:30)
A2. Una Notte a Roma (3:36)
A3. I Will Not See It (5:08)
A4. L'Opérée Etait Si Belle (3:37)
A5. Living By The Snake (6:24)
B1. Through The Looking Glass (6:32)
B2. Rubixbrain (3:09)
B3. Il Nudo Dell' Architetto (5:07)
B4. Far From Paradise (5:24)
B5. Guidonia Hill (1:30)

1. Is Nonsense a Nonsense? (3:30)
2. Una Notte a Roma (3:36)
3. I Will Not See It (5:08)
4. L'Opérée Etait Si Belle (3:37)
5. Living By The Snake (extended) (8:22)
6. Through The Looking Glass (6:32)
7. Rubixbrain (3:09)
8. Sunny Road To Forst (2:30)
9. Il Nudo Dell' Architetto (5:07)
10. Far From Paradise (5:24)
11. Guidonia Hill (1:30)
12. Far From Paradise (extended) (6:01)

Note: the CD tracks that are not on the LP version are in the mp3s offered with the LP



Recorded at Audio Division, Roma (sound engineer: Lou Chano), Le Tremplin, Ivry-sur-Seine (sound engineer: Joris Pinard), Studio Pierre Shaeffer, Châtenay-Malabry (sound engineer: Patrick Müller) and Ilitchmusic between november 2009 and october 2010.
Edited by Thierry, mixed and produced by Patrick and Thierry Müller, autumn 2011.
Mastered by Julien Grandjean at Jetlag.

Graphic design/Polaroïd/collage/drawing/photos by Thierry Müller.
Back cover, labels and insert photos: (c) Giulio di Mauro (www.postromantic.com/empire)