Err on the Good Side

about this release

Err on the Good Side is the first volume of a compilation series devoted to musicians, programmers, reviewers, disc sellers or whoever involved in music activities that we love. We offer them the opportunity to share their passion for it by curating a record. For this first volume we have asked ali_fib, the most interesting and adventurous gig promoter in Paris, to handle it.
The result, Err on the Good Side, reflects their own musical tastes and friendships. Except Chambre 1, Ilitch's introductory track (which was released in 2005 as part of Thierry Müller's limited-edition picture disc, Rainy House) and Amen Dunes' contribution, Diane (here offered in its extended version; an alternative take will be released this year by Locust Music), this record is made of previously unreleased material and has been compiled using a very simple idea of symmetry: most of the tracks here have been assembled as pairs based on musical affinities.

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A1. Ilitch - Chambre 1 (4:32)
A2. Amen Dunes - Diane (extended) (5:00)
A3. Steve Gunn - Chazy Landing (3:26)
A4. Ben Nash - untitled (3:18)
A5. Duane Pitre - Study for "The Carpenter" (5:00)
B1. Hellvete - Osschaarts Kiste (2:28)
B2. Mike Wexler - Nomadic (3:30)
B3. Sir Richard Bishop - Moorish Tiles (2:29)
B4. Liberez - untitled (4:43)
B5. él-g, sus et jakob - Förgiftad gåva (2:49)


Amen Dunes - Diane (extended)

Hellvete - Osschaarts Kiste



"Many compilation records project a single mood, whether of melancholy, joy, relaxation, aggression, romance. . . but Err on the Good Side will put you in a state of receptivity. Sounds shift across this disc like the light on a bright but cloudy day. You might think you see the outline of minimalism in the honky tonk piano by Ilitch; of techno in the pulses of an electronic tone generated by Duane Pitre; or of straightforward virtuosity in the guitar playing by Sir Richard Bishop. But then the shapes dissolve, and you find that above all, each track has left you open to whatever the next presents. There is a logic here -- it's the logic of the superb concert programmers ali_fib, based in Paris, who are directed by a passion for sound outside questions of genre or style, and who always make it worth the price of admission." (Damon Krukowski)

"Aucun album ne vaudra jamais l'effet électrique produit par certaines compilations, qui parviennent à saisir une époque, un lieu, un moment, un faisceau de vies. Err on the Good Side me fait cet effet-là, d'un disque qui défile sans avoir jamais besoin de citer ses auteurs ou dire sa nationalité, mais s'impose au creux de l'intime, à la manière d'un rêve en dérive au milieu d'un océan turbulent. On y est pris dans un mélange de textures hybrides, drones et guitares acoustiques, accouchant de chansons de bout de nuit, qui disent toutes quelque chose de leur époque et des années qui passent, dessinent ensemble la trame d'une vie différente, dans laquelle les bruits les plus froissés enluminent des mélodies délicieusement chavirées. Une vie tout en résonances spectrales, en surgissements fantômatiques illuminés." (Joseph Ghosn)


mastering: jason ward at chicago mastering service.
artwork: zeloot.
minor stuff: arnaud guillet.


Err on the Good SideErr on the Good SideErr on the Good SideErr on the Good SideErr on the Good SideErr on the Good SideErr on the Good SideErr on the Good Side