Le fruit vert unveil 'Paon perdu'

We are extremely happy to announce the upcoming release of "Paon perdu" on May 12, the debut album by Le fruit vert aka Marie-Douce St-Jacques and Andrea Jane Cornell. You can discover now the LP's first single, "Faire corps". The video was directed by Caroline Blais.

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Le fruit vert - Faire corps (2017) from Chocobeets on Vimeo.


Oba Loba - Sir Robert Williams

Released on three:four and silent water label.

Originally Oba Loba is a project of Norberto Lobo and Joăo Lobo in order to satisfy their desire to compose music for a band. Their debut album, Oba Loba, released in 2015 and critically acclaimed, has been described as ‘hybrid instrumentals that cannibalise popular song’ (Clive Bell in The Wire, july 2015). Comparisons with Tom Zé or Jim O'Rourke were made to try to qualify a music hard to categorize.
Recorded in May 2015, Sir Robert Williams is the second album of the sextet. While most of the songs are composed by Norberto and Joăo Lobo, the influence of the other members, especially pianist Giovanni Di Domenico, is more perceptible. Mixing composed and improvised parts, the increased complicity allows the band to develop clearer atmospheres, oscillating between minimalism and dense orchestrations, gaining in dynamics without losing fluidity and nuances. More accomplished but less immediate than his predecessor, Sir Robert Williams remains faithful to what this project represents for the original duo: an area of freedom where the pleasure of playing and the desire to share are claimed.

Available on LP and digital


Norberto Lobo Eric Chenaux - The Byre

When I recall the five days of Norberto Lobo and Eric Chenaux's September 2015 residency at Le Bourg in Lausanne, Switzerland, the first thing that comes to mind is Eric's enthusiasm for my partner Anne’s salad dressing. We knew we were receiving two gourmets, inexhaustible on the subject.
This residency, which I had invited my friend Laurent Bichara to record, was particularly close to my heart. Here were three people who are very dear to me in a place that is equally so. And yet, when Eric, Norberto and Laurent left, I was troubled.
After these few days of recording, I had no idea what the finished record would sound like. For four days I watched as two players interacted, with disconcerting composure, for varying lengths of time, at sound levels near the limits of the audible, without repetition. They seemed to drift with the mood of the moment, without trying to force anything. Only to play - together.
Eric and Norberto returned from a first editing and mixing session with 90 minutes of music. Later, while Norberto confided to us that these few days had enabled him to unlearn the guitar, Eric had already immersed himself in the mix with enthusiasm.
It is honestly difficult for me to connect the end result with what I heard during the residency. And yet, everything was already there. Eric, with help from Laurent and Cyril Harrison (who finalized the mix and the sound of the record), was able to rework the raw material to make perceptible what I had at first not been able to hear. It is discovered again with each new listen - more beautiful, more fluid, and always more complex. Without trying to comprehend this secret transformation, I prefer to continue to listen to The Byre simply for what it is.

And it's out today!
Available on LP and digital


Nowruz by Joăo Lobo

Nowruz is Joăo Lobo's first solo record.
It's drums only.
It's fantastic.
It's now avalaible in LP, CD and digital.

Nowruz refers to the Iranian New Year that happens every year on march 21st. It is a Persian compound word that we can literaly translate "new day".