Razen and La Tène's new albums released

We are very thrilled to releases 'The Xvoto Reels' and 'Tardive/Issime' respectively the new album by Razen and La Tène.
Both records are now available and they will be out last releases for 2017. It's been a intense year for the label with 8 releases and we need time to prepare 2018.

Razen and La Tène will play two shows together on november in Switzerland:
- Le Bourg (Lausanne) on nov. 27th (more info)
- Bad Bonn (Düdingen) on nov. 28th

Razen will also play at La Cave12 (Geneva) on nov. 29th.

Razen 'The Xvoto Reels' is available on LP and digital format: bandcamp

La Tène 'Tardive/Issime' is available on LP and digital format: bandcamp


First extract and pre order of La Tène's new album

'Tardive/Issime' is La Tène new album. It will be available on sept 22th and co-released with the mighty Geneva-based label Les disques Bongo Joe.

Pre orders are open here. It's available on LP, CD and digital formats.

La Tardive is the first extract of the album.


First extract of Razen's new album - Pre Order now!

'Reversal Dub' and 'Dunes Spell Runes on the Edge of Town' are the first two tracks of 'The Xvoto Reels', Razen's new album that will be available on sept 15th.
You can preorder 'The Xvoto Reels' right here.

The Xvoto Reels provides additional proof (if necessary) that Razen is an audacious group. If the Belgian band led by the duo Brecht Ameel and Kim Delcour has explored different musical worlds with changing formations, the involuntary irruption of a sixth “member” has upset the content of this new album. Through these brutal and unpredictable interventions, it made an ambitious album - recording live improvisations in a church with an organ and a tabla - unique.


'Tourmaline' by Anahita is now available

Anahita is the unprecedented meeting of Tara Burke (Fursaxa) and Helena Espvall (Espers). 'Tourmaline' is Anahita's third release and their first on vinyl. It's available on LP and digital format here.

"Out of the crystal clear and warm cosmic perennial waters comes forth another sparkling jewel from Anahita. Two elves dancing amidst gnarled branches of ancient trees and fragrant herbs, concocting a magical potion for the mind of floating medieval cello spheres and melancholic ceremonial madrigals under the blinking eye of a pale moon and far off constellations of shooting stars."
Bart De Paepe, founder of the belgian tape label Sloow Tapes