'Paon perdu' by Le fruit vert is now available

We are very happy to release Le fruit vert's first album 'Paon perdu'.
'Paon perdu', which was recorded by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart / Hotel 2 Tango), is the first album of Andrea-Jane Cornell and Marie-Douce St-Jacques, after their EP "Passiflore" published by the Montreal label Los Discos children in 2013.
It is available on LP and digital format here.

"An aural paradise, a moment of pure ecstasy, has often been the desired ne plus ultra for pop compositions. I would argue that the closest to this maxim anyone has come to this year has happened, strangely and gorgeously, on Le Fruit Vert's LP Paon Perdu. It's an album whose meditations hang in the balance between every moment of silence. It takes detailed care over every note, musing delightfully by taking time and giving space to breathe, but also carries in its belly the quite-often brilliant, earworming pop melodies that make it remarkable. [..." class="ext" target="_new"> Entirely a meditation on sound and feeling, Paon Perdu isolates noises through a difference of harmony and position. No track is too hasty, but rather they each accept their practice as a study in selection and reaction to sound. The music of Le Fruit Vert exists in a gray area between anonymity and familiarity. It’s a technique that binds their music tightly to emotional vulnerability as they poke at the human condition, always with cheer and curiosity galore." (Elijah Fosl)


'La bride' by Eloïse Decazes & Eric Chenaux is now available!

We are very excited and proud to release 'La bride'. It's available on LP, CD and digital. You can order it on our bandcamp page: wearethreefour.bandcamp.com

Here what the media wrote about 'La Bride'
"Back to reinterpretations and revisions of traditional material, and the duo of Eloïse Decazes (Arlt, Delphine Dora) and Canadian experimental singer songwriter Eric Chenaux return for more unconventional takes on centuries-old ballads. Ripe as the words are with thwarted passion, untimely death and, er, horses, there's zero need to ramp up the drama further and Decazes and Chenaux treat the songs as smeared and sun-bleached tableaux, mostly letting the strange or disturbing details speak for themselves - Chenaux sounds an only ever-so-slightly discordant note in 'Le Deuil D'Amour' at the point where Decazes sings “ta mignonne s'en va mourir” – “you're sweetheart is dying”. Decazes's tone encompasses sympathy, poise and dreamy detachment, while Chenaux combines folky filigree and wah-pedal squelch and squall to provide a fertile bed." - David McKenna, The Quietus

"La bride résulte d’une collaboration suivie, affinée au fil de concerts minimalistes et envoûtants. Là où le charme du précédent tenait en partie à son côté disparate et imprévisible, celui-ci obéit à une ligne directrice plus précise. La voix et l’instrumentation, là encore, cherchent la distance adéquate et s’arrêtent à mi-chemin, là où chacune occupe précisément le même espace que l’autre, et s’y tiennent pratiquement tout du long. Ce sont deux voix, avant toute chose ; jamais le jeu d’Eric Chenaux ne se contente de souligner le chant comme un simple accompagnement." - Mélanie Fazi, Le Cargo

Le fruit vert unveil 'Paon perdu'

We are extremely happy to announce the upcoming release of "Paon perdu" on May 12, the debut album by Le fruit vert aka Marie-Douce St-Jacques and Andrea Jane Cornell. You can discover now the LP's first single, "Faire corps". The video was directed by Caroline Blais.

Listen :
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Le fruit vert - Faire corps (2017) from Chocobeets on Vimeo.


Oba Loba - Sir Robert Williams

Released on three:four and silent water label.

Originally Oba Loba is a project of Norberto Lobo and João Lobo in order to satisfy their desire to compose music for a band. Their debut album, Oba Loba, released in 2015 and critically acclaimed, has been described as ‘hybrid instrumentals that cannibalise popular song’ (Clive Bell in The Wire, july 2015). Comparisons with Tom Zé or Jim O'Rourke were made to try to qualify a music hard to categorize.
Recorded in May 2015, Sir Robert Williams is the second album of the sextet. While most of the songs are composed by Norberto and João Lobo, the influence of the other members, especially pianist Giovanni Di Domenico, is more perceptible. Mixing composed and improvised parts, the increased complicity allows the band to develop clearer atmospheres, oscillating between minimalism and dense orchestrations, gaining in dynamics without losing fluidity and nuances. More accomplished but less immediate than his predecessor, Sir Robert Williams remains faithful to what this project represents for the original duo: an area of freedom where the pleasure of playing and the desire to share are claimed.

Available on LP and digital