When I'm Gone

about this release

The first drafts for When I’m Gone date back to the year 2005. It took them almost 6 years to finalize the record and 7 years to publish it. Meanwhile, Silencio didn’t waste their time; they released multiple records and each member of the band was active in side-projects. The question is, why it took them so long to complete those eight tracks? The key composer Julien Demoulin says this period helped them get the sound they had in mind for this new Silencio record. For that matter, they went through the process of composing, testing, but then stopped thinking about those songs to be able to get back into it months later, leaving some material behind and making room for new ideas.

Mainly written by Julien Demoulin and Nicolas Lecocq, these tracks were recorded in 2011 at the Bacchus foundation, with orchestrations from Bernold Delgoda. The cold and dark beauty of the record also shows through the cover, depicting mountains from the Alemannic Alps.

This release is available in different formats: CD and LP. The LP comes with a bonus 7’’ containing two exclusive tracks recorded during the same sessions as the album.

prices & format

LP (12") with exclusive 7" : 15 CHF. buy !
digital : 7 CHF. buy !


A1. Awareness (2:00)
A2. Gone (4:14)
A3. Down With The Ship (4:50)
A4. The Easy Way Out (3:10)
A5. Clouding (4:43)
B1. Wasted Youth (Part I, II & III) (11:05)
B2. Taking Time (4:35)
B3. Home (5:09)



Album concept & pictures : Julien Demoulin
Layout : Arnaud Guillet
Mastering : Julien Grandjean at Jetlag