about this release

After opening our series of split vinyls with white/lichens last year, :take: is back with an EP, and this time, it's through a new media, i.e. CD format. This great adventure between the label and the guitarist goes on and we hope that we will continue our collaboration in the future. That being said, you should know that we are truly fond of this beautiful project that begun two years ago. Recorded and mixed at home with heart by Laurent Bichara, it was then mastered by Jeremy Lemos. This should be the last step before :take:'s debut album.
Through the four tracks of this self-titled mini-album, :take: softly brings you into his world, while adding dreamlike melodies and new instrumentations to his cyclic layers. His sonic range truly expanded compared to his first recordings. The guitar is still central, but it's either played to create drones and repetitive sampled patterns, or hit with sticks for a more percussive effect. This combination of accurately controlled techniques leads to this elusive twenty minutes' record.
Touche develops virtually one note after another. It smoothly sets in motion, creating a surreal and soul-stirring sensation, like on the morning following a sleepless night, staring at the rising sun. L'endroit du crâne paisible could be somewhat misleading: if the harmonics follow one another as idle waves, they end into a blizzard of intertwined melodies, and crash onto the percussive and minimalist track guerre silence. Finally, nom de plume closes this record on a more mysterious touch. The eerie sounds are set against warm guitar chords played in repetitive mode to soothe your spirit.

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01. Touche (4:37)
02. L'endroit du crâne paisible (7:28)
03. Guerre silence (2:30)
04. Nom de plume (5:31)


:take: - nom de plume


recording & mixing: laurent bichara.
mastering: jeremy lemos.
artwork: alexandra huchet & marine augereau.