Still single/dusted

Swiss ensemble that rises slightly above the dreck and gives out a Talk Talk/Bark Psychosis-style ponderer with a little bit more weight to it. Started in 2008, then put down for a while and resumed in 2011, When I’m Gone faces boomy, muted, weighty sentiments against one of these neo-chamber ensembles that is about two nosehairs away from going full-on classical (and probably why they are SUISA-backed) if not for all the easy sentiments (“Down With the Ship”) they toss around with so much … gravitas. Maybe this review is only mildly positive because they have a long track called “Wasted Youth (Pt. I, II & III)” that has nothing to do with any other Wasted Youth I know of, but which tries to hammer those concave feelings into a template of sound where someone really thinks this is what a shitty upbringing sounds like. For once, one of these bummers really earns points for trying. 300 numbered copies, and ordering from the label will get you a crack at a bonus 7” single,featuring a little more of the same.