Igloo Mag

As Silencio, Demoulin has released three previous albums, in tandem with either Nicolas Lecocq, Bernold Delgoda or Lénina Epstein. When I´m Gone is a collection of wistful melodies played in a marginally melancholic mood by Demoulin and Lecocq on sythesizers, keyboards and guitars, with a little or a lot of help from the above mentioned and a handful of others. Solo violin and trumpet are especially nice touches, especially against the subdued, textured ambience the duo contrive. It’s an intimate album, which whispers stories in your ear, some grandiose, some tinged with nostalgic regret like “Wasted Youth.” “Taking Time” wanders absent-mindedly into a cozy electric guitar cul-de-sac. Arriving “Home,” the place feels familiar, restful and exotic all at once.

The Bay opens its arms wide to embrace a world, while When I’m Gone reaches over the table to reassuringly pat the hand of a friend.