Norman Records (staff)

Ooh I like this a lot. I played this the other morning and it totally set me up for the day. In a word itís fucking lovely. OK thatís two words but counting was never my strong point. Larkian is a name from the past who Iíve not heard of in a while but I remember hearing a single by him on Tricycle Evolutif back in 2001 (yes 10 years ago). Yellow 6 youíre all of course familiar with and the pair have teamed up for this collaborative effort on Basses Frequences/Three Four Records. This is one of those file sharing things where artists batter musical tracks too and from across the Internet until an album is born. It features the usual Yellow6 post rock melodies as well with more of a shoegazey vibe running through some of the tracks. Thereís plenty of reverb and atmospheric sounds-capes to indulge yourself in as well. Itís drifting and evocative music which works really well. This is a fine collaboration and you should already be getting excited in case they do another one!