Vital Weekly

Two releases from what 'us' reviewers would call the 'fringes of rock music'. For the first we welcome someone whose music, I think, haven't reviewed a lot over the years, Yellow6, the one-man band of Jon Attwood. But its music I know pretty well from the days I sometimes sat behind a counter of music score, playing 7"s from labels as Earworm, Bad Jazz, Awkward Silence and such like. Lovely days indeed, and post-rock was word of the day. I lost Yellow6 out of sight, but learn that he has nine albums and twenty CDR releases, and over 250 tracks scattered around the globe. Larkian is one Cyril Monnard, from Lausanne, who plays guitar and those loop sampling machines, which guitarists use a lot these days. He also used a have a label called Tricycle Evolutif, who released a 7" by Yellow6, in 2002. Although the two discussed a split release, which didn't happen, it took some time before they started on a sound-file exchange project, which has resulted in this fine disc. As a spoiler: this music doesn't seem to have made any evolution since those years behind that counter. Spacious, slow guitar music, although, thanks to the title, completely without any rhythm. Very ambient, but the word 'shoegaze' should also be mentioned somewhere, as this richly textured music, sometimes moves into fuzzy land, such as in the lengthy 'Sequences Inversees'. This is an excellent album for such a grey day as it is today: very atmospheric, all played with guitars, and ultimately the way post-rock should sound. One of those things in music where when things are settled into a template its hard to move out. Hearing this I wonder if that would be necessary. I don't think so: its fine as it is.