Vital Weekly

A duo of whom I never heard, Maninkari, from France I think, using a variety of percussion instruments, viola, cimbalom, keyboards, samplers and create some interesting music. They've already did 'three albums from the same studio sessions', but this one is entirely new. This is quite interesting music, moving along fringes (again) of rock, improvised music, ambient, soundtrack like music. I am not sure if the studio is used as an instrument here, it might very well sensing this is a duo and there is quite an amount of instruments played around here, but they remain to have quite a free feeling. The improvised aspect of this music is never far away, especially in their use of percussion. It moves from the 'outside' (louder bits) to the 'inside' (more introspective playing). Naninkari have something that I recently also heard in other bands, all resembling the old working methods of Biota/Mnemonists: take the rock band to the studio and dissect the rock sound through studio techniques, all along never loosing an eye out for the rockist agenda. A true surprise this one. Excellent work.