Norman Records (staff)

Hello! Here I am with your latest selection music to accompany bleak desolate landscapes. I’m not familiar with Maninkari so I thought I’d check ‘em out. The quest for something new and exciting never ends! I think they’re 2 French blokes and this is their 4th album. They make quite unique sounding pieces of music as well. I’m about half way into the extremely enjoyable ‘Sillage Nocturne’ and I’m thrust into a world of strange syncopated percussion and random cymbal crashes and nice plinky-plonky sounds. It’s appealing to the drummer in me... a lot!! Some of the tracks are dark ambient... others are modern classical in style, others have the more percussive feel (great drum sound by the way guys!). I’m into the percussive ones the most as they’re getting me head to move which is what my neck needs right now after sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever. So if you’re into drones, that old neo-classical business and are fond of very excellent and inventive random percussion then this blistering album is for you. I might have to check out their back catalogue when I get a moment. See... always go for the new names!!