Still single/dusted

Monsere performs one composition on five different instruments, with different arrangements for each. It really keeps you in the song, called “Sand,” with its broken music box charms, and extends the melancholic flow across the whole side of this 10” without much effort. Would have loved to have heard all five instruments playing at the same time, but maybe that’s for another record. While not necessarily following in the footsteps of his pop album Beneath the Valley of the Ultrahits, Richard Youngs at least stays in song mode for “Be Brave, This World,” applying an arpeggiator to his guitar and causing it to pulse and skip out on the tone, giving things an electronic feel that isn’t really there but will ring familiar to anyone who’s spent time in the chill out room. Nice to hear Youngs stepping away from the ambient and noise projects and getting into something with melody for a change; he’s got little if anything left to prove at this point, and I hope he is following his heart with tracks like this. #’d edition of 521 copies.