Foxy Digitalis

Haunting spirits. One shall welcome them in their guitar amps and leave the listener with a vague, unobtrusive feeling of an exterior presence. They shimmer behind the curtains of the bedroom, undulating as if the wind had a conscience of his own. Every sound acquires an imaginary depth at nightfall, and every one of us, as kids, were scared at some point of what might be behind these projections. Strangely, :Take: makes me feel like a kid again, but not to play and have fun. It’s as if I awoke at night, sure of someone (or something) standing besides me, but no one is there. I’m left there listening intently into the dark, wishing for a nightlight so I may finally make sense of this anxiety.

: Take: is the solo project of guitarist Jérôme Boutinot, and this beautiful EP is supposedly the last step before he releases a proper full-length record. On his way up in the staircase, Boutinot is trying to avoid being heard; silent footsteps from a dusk wanderer, slowly regaining the comfort of his shelter. But he arrived and should definitely be heard. The guitar is at the forefront of these four songs, always gentle, focusing on single notes or simple melodic lines. Layers of drones are set as an open space for Boutinot to showcase different aspects of his guitar playing. He’s not playing the virtuoso card; nothing complicated, simple loops and note progressions, as on opener “Touche.” He also explores the percussive sounds of his strings on the superb “Guerre Silence,” where he gently hits the strings with a metal object, adding scrapes and rattles to the mix, always keeping a flowing melodic line. While waiting for the album, this EP generously fills the gap.