Olive Music

It may seem a little blasphemous to discuss a release from last year, as bloggers and critics alike have already begun to compile their 'potential favorite albums' lists for 2011. However, the textural mastery provided by the Swiss collaborative effort of Bio+Larkian+Les Poissons Autistes has enough power to engulf your musical rotation for two years straight. The imprint to have dispensed this debut, Three:Four Records' catalog largely spotlights acts dwelling in experimental and ambient territory. Despite this, those terms have become so vast to the extent that the mere labeling of the album wouldn't be able to oust any mystery behind its sound.

That varietal expanse translates to these seven pieces, all-inclusive and within each distinct track. Where certain moments weave crescendos, others derail themselves abruptly, yet with intent. The cyclical plucking of "Vous Faites Vraiment Trop Chier" gracefully wafts in correspondence as blurry echoes and dramatic piano thuds are accumulated. Opener "Si J'étais Chez Vous, Je Partirais" grows tense as harmonizing guitars intertwine before emptying into a pool of sweltering brass and mournful strings. As incidental as their experimental connections may be, Bio+Larkian+Les Poissons Autistes' work is elegantly orchestrated; a breathtaking feat for a release crafted in the distant process of sharing audio files amongst members.

From the towering 808 handclaps of "L'éteignoir À Filles" to the closer's explosive catharsis, every movement and phrase produced remains in tandem with one another-- a gorgeous amalgam of chaos and harmony. The groups' breadth of musical backgrounds prodigiously brew into monoliths derived from their own realm. The 50 minutes provided linger and attack, flutter and pummel, until their last, near-deafening breath.