future sequence

Created by a trio of artists/bands all located within the Romandy (French-speaking) area of Switzerland, this self-titled album is an amalgam of ambient, electro, traditional French, post-rock and noise. It is the seventh release from France/Switzerland based label three:four records, who have also put out albums from :take, The Fun Years and This Quiet Army & Scott Cortez amongst others, but this is their first fully Swiss release.

The trio comprise Cyril Monnard (Larkian), Philippe Simon & Stephane Babey (Les Poisson Autistes) and Julien Baillod (Bio) and even though the music was produced through remote collaboration, the end result is a seemless blend of folk instrumentation, euphoric ambience, strange electronics and post rock sensibilities. Not only does the mix work well, but it acheives a rare intimacy and genuine sense of exposed feeling.

'Le graçon qui ferait plaisir à la maman' stalks the listener with a slow Eastern European style waltz, heavily reverbed guitar enacting a romantic dance. The beautifully ambient piece 'sans rancune' (loosely translated as 'without resentment') overlays repeating cello parts, and electronics before settling into warmed bass sonics. Throughout the eight tracks the trio continue to shift the components; adding layers, removing layers, like an experiment to find the perfect combination of instrumentation, melody and rhythm.

The overall effect is well excecuted, the end product strong. My criticism, if I had to have one, would be that 'L'éteignoir à filles' looses its way a little, meditating on the same phrase a touch too long. However, I would quickly over look this for the quality of the rest of the album; ambient, postrock, at time electronic with that little bit extra dynamism provided by the depth of instrumentation, unity of the players and unrestrained emotion.