Norman Records (staff)

...Take my please take her..My wife sez to me "I want you to take me some place I've never been before, I said "Where ..the Kitchen.." ..I just got back from a pleasure trip.. I just took my mother in law to the airport..Sorry about that I suffer from Henny Youngman Syndrome and sometimes it sneaks up on me like a tiger in the darkness. This album is a bit like that. If you looked in a dictionary and looked up the words "Miserable" and "Ambiance" the chances are that Take would be gazing moodily back at you through a cigarette haze. Take is the brainchild of Jerome Boutinot, and its quite pleasant. Its a maudlin collection of soundscapes and dark hearted electronica. It's quite nice to have your earholes fondled like this sometimes. It is a bit like "Driving Miss Daisy" in the sense its quite serene and doesn't exceed 2 MPH. It do sent annoy me though like "Driving Miss Daisy"...stupid Miss Daisy (the daft racist) if this sounds like your type of thing you might wanna listen to it in the comfort of your own houses.