Norman Records (staff)

Well my pile was looking soooo bouncy 'n' fun, plus a couple of the records even had little party hats Business Lady's mum had knitted for them. The one record which tore of its item of millinery in disgust & contempt was the 'Meridians' collaboration 12" by Thisquietarmy & Scott Cortez (Loveliescrushing) What is it with this careless disposal of spaces between words man? Is there like a stockpile of abandoned, homeless spaces out there somewhere? I'd gladly adopt some spaces, they can't be that difficult to take care of and I bet they don't eat much, being small & invisible & all that. What is this record like you prat I hear you yell? Erm...dark atmospheric ambient drone stuff that sounds super ominous & foreboding on one side & quieter & more reflective movement on the other. Both sides are honestly quite beautiful & evocative, leaving you gasping for more. For the increased depth & fidelity, I can just see why this is pressed onto a quality 45 RMP platter.