Norman Records (staff)

Sunn 0)), Sonic Youth, Bonnie Prince Billy, a sleeve featuring Jad Fair's cut-out artwork, the fact that it starts of with shouting about sandwiches.. This Does Your Cat Know My Dog? compilation LP pretty much sells itself and we gather it's already in short supply elsewhere so interested parties had best look sharp. It's curated by the minds behind Switzerland's Bad Bonn festival and as well as the big stars you've got artists like Sum of R, Your Fault, combineharvester, Bulbul + Boris Hauf, Joe Galen and more who all represent fully in such star-studded company. The Will Oldham track is of his usual fine quality, the Sunn 0))) effort is them doing what they do all live like and the Sonic Youth tune, 'No Way' from The Eternal, is frought with electrical problems which they fight through superbly until the plug is finally pulled, ending a fine compilation in fitting style. Seems like this Bad Bonn thing would be a cool thing to visit one year..