Heathen Harvest

Second release in the split series from the label Three:Four. On today's menu is the theme of the groups. Both The fun years and .Cut ft. Gibet are guitar/Laptop Duos. The first side of this album (who was officially released on vinyl ) offers The Fun years, Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks, while .Cut ft. Gibet are Alberick and (You guessed that one right!) Gibet. On this split release, the label Three:Four manages to release a fine document of these two acts, working out their similiar instruments for different results.
I was pretty sure that the number of tracks on this split will be small, due to the time limitation that a 10" format allows. "The Fun Years" Surprised me quite a bit with no less than five tracks on their side. This small E.P of theirs has a very nice opening with "Am I having a stroke", illustrating an alien rhythm that almost sounds like an obscure attempt for conversation.
The following part "Yellow is Misleading" brings guitar playing more to the front and let a slow drone turn the rather folkish guitar into an unsettling statement. "Icon Mockery" has a more major aura to it. Infinte spreading sound scapes allow various hints of sounds and many tiny sparkles of audio generation to paint this impressive picture.
"We might just have what you need" brings the guitar to the front again, and using the laptop music as backing artillery. At this time I begin to wonder. Maybe these five parts of the small E.P that The Fun Years brought on their side of the split are too short? Keeping the physical limitations of the format, I think that the five tracks all lose a little for their length, as the five of them vary from "pretty good" to "very good", and each of them could use few more minutes to gain further momentum. "Icon Mockery" for instance, could be played for 20 minutes straight on my speakers and I wouldn't complain. Putting aside this little drawback (as far as I see it, anyway), "The Fun Years" give an excellent array of musical visions with their half of this album and do not fail to sound interesting and moving.
.Cut and Gibet's part continues with the general notion but takes it to their own specific direction. Many of the tracks I have heard that are by .Cut has a certain nostalgic aura to them, be it the samples used or the sounds and mood. "Up the river Da Nang..." is, to me, a long and powerful emotional trip. More effective due to its long duration, which gives me the time to discover and identify various elements in its body. It ends in a slightly harsher tone, as the guitar almost fades and is replaced by an industrial wall of noise.
" On the next morning I woke up and realized I was only part of the factory" ends the album with another great downer. Short, again and thus I feel the same thing about it, as I wrote about the first part of the album. Nevertheless, the track unto itself is a great one, emotional and powerful.
A very good release for the label Three:Four, with both artists delivering powerful music. Another album that reminds me I should get my vinyl player fixed soon!