Ruis Magazine

Ali-Fib is a small collective of enlightened minds that provided Paris of good concerts in recent years. Two of them, Maxime Guitton and Benjamlin Tellier, start the label three:four records. Their first release is the compilation "Err on the Good Side". In the first place, it focuses on nothing specific. "EOTGS" directs its attention primarily on the promotors of their 'musical tastes and friendships". That suffices for us. It resulted in an extremely nice gathering of fingerpickers, new school folkies, avant-poppers and soundexperimentalists. Apart from enjoyabe pieces of Sir Richard Bishop, Steve Gunn and Ilitch, the highlights are mainly less illustre spirits as Amens Dunes, Liberez and our own Flemish Hellvete. Good stuff for who the ones who like un-picky compilations with a abstract red thread. With artwork of Zeloot!

(English translation thanks to Annelies Monseré)