This self titled EP by Jerome Boutinot, who is based in Paris and records under the moniker :take:, consists of four tracks which are immaculately recorded and lovingly constructed, with deceptively simple guitar melodies multilayered into a complex whole…

:take: what sounds like a simple synth melody which in turn fades to the background as shimmering, reverb heavy electric guitar takes centre stage, where it stays for the remainder of this release.

Boutinot is an impressively skilled guitarist and at varying moments the listener will enjoy finger picking, harmonics and percussive playing, all underscored by swells and tasteful synthesiser droning.

As the second track moves along with meandering lead guitar, the magic fades somewhat while a repetitive riff overstays its welcome, but Boutinot adds another layer of shimmering guitar and the reverie again continues with a climactic conclusion to the track. The remainder of the twenty minutes of music pass in a pleasant blur and the EP is quickly finished.

Though at times breathtaking, this release is somewhat flawed on occasion by repetition which can border on monotony. Still, these small moments aside, :take: has delivered an interesting recording of guitar led tracks which will help to see out those last ebbs of Summer.