:take: (real name Jérôme Boutinot) opens the first disc in a somewhat restrained mode with "Paysage avec fer", a twilight electrical drone where chattering electric guitar manipulations wrap themselves around a wavering sine tone. His second piece, the meditative "Joie de résistance", exudes a more natural feel in its focus on slowly unfurling guitar patterns before cresting with an entrancing shimmer in its later moments. Together the pieces offer a good introduction to Boutinot's explorative and open-ended :take: concept, which is rooted in guitar loops, reverb, samples, and improvisation.

The ten-minute "Tonight's the Night" by White/Lichens—a collaboration between kranky artist Lichens (Robert A.A. Lowe) and White/Light (Jeremy Lemos and Matt Clark)—takes sole possession of the B-side. In contrast to the relative quietude of :take:'s tracks, White/Lichens' piece unspools as a guitar-generated firestorm that grows increasingly tumultuous with each passing moment. Best played at loud volume, the blistering and scabrous track wails, screeches, and howls like a dying animal flailing about as it vainly struggles to escape the trap tearing into its leg.