Norman Records (staff)

Three:Four’s esteemed split series hasn’t yet spit out anything I’ve failed to enjoy, so I’m happy to see a new one arrive in the office. This one, number five, pairs up Jeremy Lemos (white/light) and Matt Jencik (Implodes) for two sides of drones and groans from the cosmic abyss. Apparently this is a “reaction” to the previous Three:Four split between white/light’s Matt Clark and Implodes’s Ken Camden.

The Lemos side is taken up by a single piece, ‘Out With The Old’, which starts as a really uplifting, peaceful, new agey cosmic synth drone piece but gradually gets more awkward and uncomfortable towards the end. Then on Jencik’s side there are two pieces, starting with the spooky echoed-to-oblivion dark ambient whisper of the excellently-titled ‘Conservative Fucks’ before easing us out with the Deathprod-esque ‘Hollow Bodies’ which is a cosmic, drifting passage of deliciously dark melodic drone with ambient hum’n’crackle and a spiritual, slowly cycling melody, getting us back into a calm, reflective mood and ready to flip straight back over to Lemos’s side again.

I don’t know if this cyclic narrative effect came about by chance or design but both these gents’ contributions work excellently as companion pieces as a result. Dead nice record.