Vital Weekly

Jeremy Lemos is primarily an engineer working for Pavement, Sonic Youth but he is also the other half of White/Light. Matt Jencik is also a member of Implodes (small world I mumbled), and played with Papa M and Slint. Lemos has one side which shows his recent love for all things modular, and in his ten minute piece everything buzzes and hums, making slow developments but all of sudden implosions occur and it seems that everything falls apart. Sparkling electricity! The drone mood continues on the other side with two pieces by Jencik, of which 'Conservative Fucks' is not my cup of tea. Lots of reverb on field recordings, but 'Hollow Bodies' is a fine piece of dark atmospheric drones, which has an effective late night air to it. Watch the stars while listening to this. Nice, if not really surprising. Four new names added to the list "watch out for more music by these people".