Vital Weekly

Sometimes I wonder about all the new names I hear every week. Here we have four of them, divided over four sides of two 10" records, as part of a series of split records on Three:four Records. According to the press release Matthew Hale Clark was born 1775, but surely its a typo. He was one half of White/Light and is a guitarist. Ken Camden is also a guitarist and his debut was on Kranky in 2010. He's a member of Implodes. I never heard any of this, but I am told that Clark here works outside his usual drones and has a more folk like piece for acoustic guitar, along with the help of Frank Rosaly on drums/percussion and Jeremy Lemos on shruti box and posi vibes. Its an excellent moody piece of music, depicting vast empty landscapes of the big Americana. Simply beautiful. Ken Camden has two pieces of music on his side of the record and he too uses guitar but also a lot of sound effects to effectively transform his guitar sounds into glacial, slow moving masses of repeating fields of sustaining sounds. This too is beautiful, yet the landscape is not in America but more north pole styled. His side is perhaps less of a surprise, compared to the Clark side, but still very good.