thisquietarmy is the solo project of guitarist Eric Quach from Montreal. He is also the guitarist and founding member of the Montreal-based instrumental rock band Destroyalldreamers.
As thisquietarmy, he explores his guitar as a tone generator and furthers the boundaries of his instrument with the use of multiple effect processors & real-time loop-samplers, blending textures over textures to create his own sonic world. He has released several albums and EPs on labels such as Alien8 Recordings, Killer Pimp, Basses Fréquences, Foreshadow & Elevation Recordings, has collaborated with the likes of Aidan Baker (Nadja), Yellow6, Scott Cortez (of lovesliescrushing). From minimal drone to electro-ambient to psychedelic shoegaze/post-rock, thisquietarmy is a forward contender as a pioneer of the experimental ambient Canadian music scene.
The live material can be as structured as it can be improvised on the spot, depending on the moment’s vibe, and drowns the audience in a hypnotic dream-like state of introspection. thisquietarmy has performed extensively in Canada, USA and Europe.


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