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The Fun Years are Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks. The duo began their collaboration during the fall of 2003, creating music for a friend's Halloween party in Cambridge, MA. Since then, they have released seven album-length recordings, including Life-sized Psychoses and Baby, It's Cold Inside (both on Barge Recordings). With reference to the former, a reviewer for Aquarius Records once suggested that The Fun Years "...sound like some avant turntablist spinning super scratched up old math rock and slowcore records, all loping rhythms and muted minor key melodies, but draped in thick swaths of buzz and fuzz and hum and hiss."

Recht and Sparks have so far refused to dispute or validate the assessment. However, independent sources do confirm that Recht weaves sonorous lines of improvisational baritone guitar into a dense fabric of manipulated found sounds and electronic drones assembled by Sparks. Recht and Sparks have been spotted playing live inside a Richard Serra "Torqued Ellipse" sculpture on the UCLA campus and on the roof of the old air traffic control tower at the U.S. Naval base in Alameda, CA.

Other reports indicate the two men often consume piggish amounts of Vietnamese take-out and malt beverage while reconfiguring their initial recordings into the shimmering, amorphous dreamworlds to be found on their releases (all of which have been mixed for optimal playback through the on-board sound system of their modest yacht, The Deep Xylophone).


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