We don’t know much about Richard Youngs – apart from the fact that he’s British and that he’s been living in Glasgow for 20 years – but we are much aware of his musical works. Either as a solo artist or with side projects, Richard Youngs writes very different kind of music, simply impossible to label under any specific genre. His style, recording techniques and collaborators may change frequently, but the quality is always there in all of its glory. Simply look at the list of record labels he’s been working with: Jagjaguwar, VHF, Volcanic Tongue, Table of the Elements, Dekorder, Fusetron, Freek Fourth Dimension, Majora and his own structures, Jabberwok and No Fans Records. Beyond a profound desire for privacy, Richard Youngs maintains a sort of mystery around him, playing shows on very few occasions. He sometimes performs in Glasgow, but has only been committed to two official tours, supporting Low in 2002, and then in 2010. You can imagine how thrilled we are to release this new record!