Riccardo Dillon Wanke


Born in Genova, Italy in 1977, established in Milan from 1982 until 2005, lives and works in Lisbon. multi-instrumentalist and composer. From 1995 active in arts (music, installations), his interest includes classical, improvised and exploratory music and it is focused on diffusion of new and contemporary art. He is particularly interested in digital and analog manipulation of sound and its application into musical compositions. His work with guitars and keyboards (piano and rhodes) has started from pure radical improvisation and has drawn to the investigation of drones sounds, static music. He recently develops systems to elaborate acoustic sounds with analogue filters and synthesizers. His 2008’s solo record was recognize as “one of the year's strongest debuts” (N. Cain, The Wire #295).
He collaborates with musicians and artists such as Giuseppe Ielasi, Rafael Toral, David Maranha, Manuel Mota among others. He set up a trio with Maranha and Mota, “Dru”, and collaborates with the Italian cellist Francesco Dillon with whom he founded 'Amuleto' collective. He published music for international labels such as Sedimental (USA), DieSchachtel (IT), Headlights (PT), Apice (MX) among others.
From 2013, he is a member of Centre of Aesthetic and Sociological Musical Studies in Lisbon.



Riccardo Dillon WankeRiccardo Dillon WankeRiccardo Dillon Wanke