maninkari is an instrumental duet combining improvisation and original composition, with a hint on ambient, gloomy, minimalist, jazz, rock and surreal sounds. Their music delivers instrumental organic layers made of ancestral, dark and repetitive tunes that blend percussion instruments, viola, cimbalom, keyboards, and samples to reach mysticism at its climax.

Rooted in Bathyscaphe, maninkari also wrote the score for two short-movies: 'Des nuages au bout des doigts' from Simone Massi and 'Call baker' from Dan Salzmann. Doing the soundtrack of 'Phantasmes' by Thomas Pantalacci is their third collaboration with the cinematographic world.


Le Diable avec ses Chevaux (Conspiracy, 2007)
Art des Poussières (Conspiracy, 2008)
Un Souffle de Voix (Neuropa, 2009)
The Half Forgotten Relic of a Dream (three:four, 2011)
Continuum Sonore (Basses Fréquences, 2012)
Phantasmes (three:four, 2013)