La Tène


repetition, ethereal harmonics or imaginary choreographies. All of these coexist in La Tène’s music and are freed from their origins in a unique framework.
The Franco-Swiss trio perform music wherein every influence, however profound, is distilled by patterns becoming themes. The goal is not to break models, but to make their existence solid, concrete, as fragments cleverly carved out of rock so as to be reassembled.
There are no starting points, no ending points, no standard form structures – these all disappear as the senses encounter the first shock waves. Obstacles are erected as
familiarly unknown constructions of bits and pieces remembered as replicated gestures from multiple angles.
La Tène’s goal is not to rearrange or reinvent living music, but rather to groove every furrow again and again until its total exhaustion.

Alexis Degrenier (hurdy-gurdy)
Alexis Degrenier is a France-based artist, composer, percussionist and hurdy gurdy player. After studying classical percussion, he turned towards contemporary, experimental and traditional music. He is a member of Tanz Mein Herz, OutreNoir, La Tène, Insub Meta Orchestra, and Ensemble Cerbere; has performed Terry Riley’s In C with members of La Novià, and will be collaborating with choregrapher Olivia Grandville on new work in 2018.

D’incise (indian harmonium, electronics)
Laurent Peter, a.k.a. D’incise (Geneva, 1983) grew up immersed in dub and experimental electronic music. A sonic explorer, he has no particular instrument, instead utilizing software, recording, objects, percussion, harmonium, etc., and building a specific set-up for each new occasion in both improvisational and compositional contexts. He is interested in radicalism, reductionism, repetition and conceptual approaches, appreciates slowness and obsessive exploration of simple processes and minute details. With Cyril Bondi, he is behind the INSUB. label, orchestra, the Diatribes duo, and many other things, including a new proto-techno project called Tresque. He is also a graphic designer.

Cyril Bondi (percussion)
Cyril Bondi (b.1980) has been a drummer and percussionist since 1994. A key figure on the Swiss experimental music scene, he is a founding member of the band Plaistow and of the new duo Cyril Cyril. In the field of experimental music, he has worked with projects such as diatribes, La Tène and Komatsu. Bondi leads the Insub Meta Orchestra, a large experimental ensemble of 60 musicians, and is one of the coordinators of the label/collective INSUB.