larkian & yellow6


Larkian, aka Cyril Monnard, is a Lausanne based guitarist who uses his instrument as a sound generator. With the help of real-time loop-samplers and various effect processors, he constructs a musical world made of deep, powerful and intense soundscapes, with a fluctuation of atmospheres between the symptomatic pain and the feverish excess of an underlying madness.
Since the project started at the end of the nineties, several Larkian albums and EPs (solo works & collaborations) were released on different labels, such as Tricycle Evolutif, Dead Vox, October Man, Cathedral transmissions, Silent flow, Adozen, Three:four and Basses Fréquences. On this project, Cyril Monnard had the opportunity to work in association with various artists like Yellow6, Phoantoam, D’Incise, and [SIC].

Jon Attwood grew up with the tail end of punk and post-punk of the early 80s, playing in a few London punk bands around 81-84 before moving to the suburbs. Following flirtations with goth, folk and Stax/Motown soul during the 90s, Jon Attwood started Yellow6 as a solo guitar project, initially inspired by space/post-rock, electronica and reverb soundscapes. A debut single in 1998 on Enraptured started a flood of releases over the following decade, and in 2010 is approaching 80 releases on almost as many labels.
In the time since that debut single, Yellow6 has released 9 official albums, a further 20 cdr albums, and myriad singles, compilations and remixes (over 250 tracks totalling 30+ hours). Yellow6 material has appeared in film (American Nightmare, August Evening, 9732) and TV productions (Staying Lost, Wasted, Petrol Wars) and there have been over 60 live shows in Europe and North America since a debut in 2001.
One of the founders of Make Mine Music, Jon has launched the Editions6 imprint to issue future Yellow6 releases.


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