Circle Bros


Circle Bros is the project of Wim Lecluyse, the man behind Morc records. The past few years Circle Bros shifted from a pure ambient-esque project to a more song-oriented unit, though most songs are built up around an improvised core.
Circle Bros started late 1997 as a bedroom project. He has released a handful of full length tapes and eps on morc and a few other labels, as well as a split 12" with zent one, a collaboration with karina esp and a bunch of compilation appearances. After moving back to belgium in 2006, circle brothers became circle bros. wim started doing more song-based improvisations, or more likely, improvising songs - think of likeminded artists as Mick Turner, Roy Montgomery, Pefkin, grouper or even Castanets. However, the output stayed as low/slow as in the circle brothers days. there was one tape-ep on morc, and a collab with old friends karina esp and drekka. these were followed a couple of years later by a 3" on the bluesanct sublabel orphanology, and the lp 'haven' on morc. eversince, circle bros is working on a follow-up, but took the time to release a split 7" with Annelies Monseré, the other resident of morc hq, and previously on three:four.