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Swiss composer and guitarist Julien Baillod (aka Bio) was born in 1972. After being involved in post-rock and jazz-punk bands, he is now evolving on different kinds of underground scenes, from post-rio to contemporary and electronic avant-garde.
He is also writing music for plays, performances and movies and is involved in contemporary art, working on sound installations and soundtracks with/for Arthur de Pury, Martin Widmer, Jeroen Visser, Anthony Bannwart and Eric Thomas.

Larkian, aka Cyril Monnard, is a Lausanne based guitarist who uses his instrument as a sound generator. With the help of real-time loop-samplers and various effect processors, he constructs a musical world made of deep, powerful and intense soundscapes, with a fluctuation of atmospheres between the symptomatic pain and the feverish excess of an underlying madness.
Since the project started at the end of the nineties, several Larkian albums and EPs (solo works & collaborations) were released on different labels, such as Tricycle Evolutif, Dead Vox, October Man, Cathedral transmissions, Silent flow, Adozen, Three:four and Basses Fréquences. On this project, Cyril Monnard had the opportunity to work in association with various artists like Yellow6, Phoantoam, D’Incise, and [SIC].

After relocating from Jura to Geneva and Lausanne, Philippe Simon and Stéphane Babey created Les Poissons Autistes in 2001. They begun as a noisy act operating field recordings on computers and amplified objects through microphones, but then gradually brought new instruments and new references to the fold. They now add guitar, bass, trumpet, cello or piano to their sound, which can be used as it is or heavily altered through digital effects. Beyond their collaborations with Bio and Larkian, Les Poissons Autistes also joined forces with Michael Frei (Hemlock Smith), Arnaud Sponar (Opak/Goodbye Ivan) and Consor; other associations being planned ahead. The band released various records on Everestrecords, Helvet Underground, Midinette, Mercurochrome, Deadvox, Gentleman and on a few other labels.



bio + larkian + les poissons autistesbio + larkian + les poissons autistesbio + larkian + les poissons autistesbio + larkian + les poissons autistes

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bio + larkian + les poissons autistes

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