bad bonn


Who else than its manager, Daniel Fontana, can better speak about the Bad Bonn ?
"Bad Bonn is a small, tan-colored and homely restaurant, surrounded by a sparely gritted parking lot and meek cows on wild meadow. From the veranda, you have a view on the Fribourg Prealps, and a small walk from there leads you to the shore of the Lake Schiffenen, the natural border between French and German-speaking Switzerland. The nearby town is called Düdingen and has 7500 snoring inhabitants; we went to school there, we were involved in the local football club and - being squeezed on the subs bench - we left and instead started organizing concerts.

Entering the pub, nothing indicates that - for twenty years - brilliant bands from all over the world have been playing in this room. A casual get-together with the artists means more to us than anything else. A tasty meal from our little kitchen, a good sound system, talking about everything under the sun with some people who have never ever read a music magazine is very satisfactory to us. The warm atmosphere comes from the people, and not from an inappropriate design that would confuse the audience. And in terms of music and style, everything between electronic cross jerked New Folk and piled up noise walls is welcome here.
Two to three concerts are programmed weekly. Once a year in summer, the Bad Bonn Kilbi-Festival takes place, whereas in winter the Festival Fr Katz honors our domestic maiden-cat "Bliss", who is the only longtime-witness since the opening in 1991.

It is contradictory to let this urban work grow in the middle of a pastoral idyll. The vanguard visitor uses the sounds of agricultural machinery or nature for field recording, while the peasant from the neighborhood does not see these abstract electro beats as music. And at the same time he is somehow proud of those strange events next door."


Carla Bozulich and Ches Smith - Elements Ascending

Sum Of R - Not Every Chamber Has A Door