Amute is belgian musician Jérôme Deuson. After more than 10 years of career, 4 acclaimed albums on labels such as Intr.Version (M. Akiyama, Tim Hecker, Sandro Perri...), Stilll and Humpty Dumpty (V.O., Françoise Breut...), Amute has now signed with his new solo effort on three:four Records. 
After winning the Octave de La Musique (electronic category) in Belgium in 2012 he took a year off music and decided to write a follow up to his previous work. That's where Savage Bliss came, one day after another, on earth. 
His new album and live performances are deep, sad, sometimes very harsh but always done with passion.  
Always compared to Fennesz (who quoted Amute in Pitchforkmedia as one of the best 2006 artist he heard live and on CD), Tim Hecker, The Microphones and sometimes even post-rockish acts.