Behind the ali_fib moniker (a little wink to Robert Wyatt's 1974 classic Rock Bottom) is a crew of programmers founded in 2003 by music critic and curator Maxime Guitton, later joined by Benjamin Tellier in 2006, and Jérôme Boutinot in 2008. Within the past five years, ali_fib has organized some fifty shows and four festivals in Paris, in a dilettant fashion, nomadically and independently, and in a variety of spaces: music venues, squats, churches, crypts, art galleries, and museums. ali_fib has never emphasized particular genres: psych rock, free folk, blues, spoken word, improv, electronica, noise, garage, no wave, acousmatic, pop, ambient, lowercase music, etc., have all made appearances in their lineups.
For instance, ali_fib has happily hosted the Los Angeles Free Music Society's improv grammar, Josephine Foster's personal take on German lieder, Birchville Cat Motel's terrorist blasts into the ether, Simon Wickham-Smith's hypnagogic drones, Little Howlin' Wolf's blues revisitation, Sunburned Hand of the Man's wooden weird jams, Manuel Mota's post-Bailey guitar wizardry, Charlie Nothing's free speech on dingulators, Bernhard Günter's nearly silent contribution to minimalism, James Blackshaw's postmodern fleeting fingerpicking, and Lichens' ritualistic vocal ceremonies, to name a few.


Amen Dunes - Diane (extended)

Hellvete - Osschaarts Kiste