Amute - Savage Bliss // Out on may 20

We are very happy to announce that the fifth amute's album will be released on three:four on may 20!

Savage Bliss is a dark ambient album. The refinement of the arrangements, the accuracy of the atmospheres, the diversity of textures show the very high sensitivity of Amute, who delivers an asserted and true album.

You can already listen to the track 'You're in the air I breathe'

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Hooray! Swiss Post lower its prices

It's quite a miracle, the swiss post just lower its prices!
In fact, they gave up the compulsory insurance, that means that the new shipping costs are 5 euros cheaper. So it’s still more expensive than any other european post companies, but it’s more affordable. To give you an idea, the shipping costs for one LP is 7.8 euros for european customers and 9.8 euros for the rest of the world.

You can check new prices here: Swiss Post

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TFR012 - TFR021
When I'm Gone - The Politics of Lonely


Silencio - The Politics of Lonely now avalaible on CD and LP

Third release and second album on three:four for Silencio. Recorded shortly after "When I'm Gone", this new record shows a different side of Silencio: drums are more present in this mix of post-rock, ambient music, and even jazz in places. Still, it is a companion release to its predecessor, with a similar structure and artwork.

Want the LP? http://threefour.bigcartel.com/product/silencio-the-politics-of-lonely

Prefer the CD? http://threefour.bigcartel.com/product/silencio-the-politics-of-lonely-cd

Want to listen before buying? no problem.