La Tène - Vouerca/Fahy

If you ever wonder how traditional experimental hypnotic endless medieval r'n'b sounds like, you have to hear La Tène's first LP.

La Tène collect, listen and probe folk melodies and motifs of large territories, from the Jura to the mountains of Auvergne, weaving them to repetition and continuous sounds, electronics and frenzy until exhaustion. Their music, drones played with traditional and acoustic instruments is an invitation to the dance frantically, leading to euphoria or trance.

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'Late Superimpositions' by Danny Oxenberg and Bear Galvin is now available

Late Superimpositions is a (relatively) new collection of original songs by Danny Oxenberg (one of the lead vocalists, guitarists of Supreme Dicks) and Bear Galvin.

Of this album, Sing Sing writes: This record is one more riddle, a new hieroglyph to be discovered under the glimmer of a deaf lantern, one more reason to believe that ghosts are among us and that they can’t stop dying of love.

Artwork by Hippolyte Hentgen.
Album produced by Maxime Guitton.
Really proud: us



'Rust' by Circle Bros is now available!

Today is the release day of 'Rust', the new LP by Circle Bros!
We are very happy because we really love what Wim Lecluyse is doing, as a label manager for morctapes and as an artist as Circle Bros.
Also, as it is the first album of the year, it's a perfect introduction to our 2016 catalog, a combination of drone, dark instrumentation but in a song-based format.
It's available in LP and digital format.

As usual, Rust is fully streamable on our soundcloud page.


Dana Valser en concert, jeudi 10 mars 2016 au Bourg (Lausanne, CH)

Premier concert en Suisse pour Dana Valser, ce jeudi au Bourg, en première partie du fabuleux Mike Cooper.
A ne pas rater!

Toutes les informations sur le site du Bourg. (2016-03-07)