OUT NOW: Norberto Lobo - Muxama

Is it necessary to write how happy we are to release Norberto Lobo's new album?
Muxama is such a beautiful record.

You can order it on LP, CD and digital.

And listen to it in full on our soundcloud page


[Video] Dana Valser - Oh Olvido

the beauty is here


NORBERTO LOBO - MUXAMA // pre orders now open

You can now pre-order Norberto Lobo's new album Muxama. The official release date is sept. 24th. Shipping before this date is guarantee.

Want the LP? clic
Prefer the CD? clac

Great news, huh? (2016-09-07)

La Tène - Vouerca/Fahy // CD version

La Tène's first and acclaimed album is now available on CD.

Grab your copy HERE!